Courses Available  
Hourly Driving
These lessons are "pay as you go". They can be 1 or 2 hours at a time, on a weekly basis or as required. I would recommend a 2 hour session once a week as a minimum, or just as you settle in and enjoy your driving it's time to go back home again.
1 Week Pass
Course 30 hours
Book a week off work or if you are on a college break to succeed in this fast effective 30 hour course. Its ideal for those who are in a hurry. You are required to pass the theory test before commencing this course. Please contact me to check available dates and an appointment for a free self assessment and home visit before starting the course.
Course 30 hours
The Semi-intensive Course is aimed at those who are complete beginners, or maybe at the early stages of training. The training sessions are normally 2 hours long, as many times a week as required, ideally this will spread the training over four or more weeks enabling you to absorb the training rather than trying to cram it all in one week!
This is the most popular form of intensive training. It is designed for people who want to pass the test** quickly at a comfortable pace with much less stress than other intensive methods. The Theory Test must have been completed and the certificate to be presented on the beginning of this course.
Test Refresher
Course 15 hours
The Test Refresher Course is for those who are near to test standard and need a short burst of lessons prior to the driving test. It is also ideal for those who have failed the driving test and are looking for a change to a new school, or maybe the test was some time ago and you have not had any lessons since.
Pass Plus
Course 6 hours
The Pass Plus course consists of 6 hours tuition. The tuition provided will include motorway driving, Dual carriageways, town driving, All-weather driving and night driving. Once the course is completed, an application form will be filled out. Providing the customer completes the course successfully, they will receive a certificate. This can then be sent to insurance companies can offer discounts for insurance.

There are 2 methods to complete this course. 2 - 3 Hour sessions or 3 - 2 Hour sessions. Each totalling 150 miles of a variety of new roads that the student may not have experienced before. All though this is not a compulsory requirement to do the Pass Plus, there is a significant improvement in the students awareness and confidence once completed.
Treat someone to a Birthday or Christmas surprise.
Vouchers are available for denominations of any amount requested.
Please contact me for more information on 01489 557589
Phone : 01489 557589    Mobile : 07595 359811    Email : passnow@icloud.com